How to effectively profit from indoor playground?

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Children’s amusement economy, where there are children, there is demand. Due to the change of parents’ consumption concept, a larger children’s entertainment consumption market has been born. Now is a good opportunity to seize the money-making boom.

Opening an indoor children’s playground can be said a boom in the investment world today, and many people have spotted the big cake in the children’s playground industry. The 21st century can be said to be the era of children’s business, and the increasing demand for children’s amusement will inevitably promote the development of children’s playgrounds faster.

For investors, the profit of the children’s amusement equipment is the focus of investment. So, in addition to tickets, what are the sources of profit for children’s parks? Let Leqi indoor amusement equipment talk about it.

Profit from membership card for kids indoor play equipment

Membership cards are a common operating profit model for kids indoor play equipment. For example, the sales of different grades of membership cards such as monthly, quarterly and annual have different relative preferential policies. Many consumers will choose to buy membership cards because membership cards are much cheaper than single ticket.

The sales of membership cards are not only conducive to the rapid return of investors’ funds, but also to improve customers’ enthusiasm for consumption and establish a long-term and stable customer base.

The main profit of the children’s park is tickets, and the charging plan is 10-30 dollar per child. Because different age groups do not understand the level of wear and tear of children’s playground facilities, prices are divided according to age groups. There is no charge for adults, but parents will be provided with a place to rest with wifi and sofa seats. This way both adults and children can relax.

Membership cards are divided into monthly cards, semi-annual cards, annual cards, etc. After the card is issued, members can enjoy 70% to 10% discount on the basis of a single ticket price; 25% to 20% off the price of play. Some children’s indoor amusement parks will charge a cost of processing membership cards, generally around 2-5 dollars.

There is also a form of membership card, which is a frequency card and timely card. The frequency card is generally divided into several grades, such as 200 dollar/10 times, 300 dollar/20 times, etc.; the timely card is generally divided into several grades, such as 10 dollars/1 hour, 60 dollars/8 hours, etc.

Income from selling water, snacks, toys, socks for kids indoor play equipment

Most children’s parks have water bars and snack sales offices, which not only make it easier for parents to wait for their children and provide children with snacks to replenish their physical strength, but also broaden the source of profit channels for children’s parks. While many parents play with their children, many also choose to spend some time in it.

Snacks only attract children. Most of the children who come to the booth are buying snacks, but when they buy snacks, they will see toys. The purpose is thus achieved. Because the profit of snacks is relatively low and the rate of return is small, but toys are different. The cost of toys is small, the profit is high, the rate of return is high, and it is not easy to overwhelm the goods.

We can change our minds and sell some educational puzzles, building blocks, and building toys. These toys cost dozens of dollars, the price is not high, and the cultivation of children’s hands-on ability is still within the affordability of parents. As for the purchase channel, it is completely possible to order in bulk on Alibaba, eliminating the need for intermediate links, the price is low, the quality is guaranteed.This income does not need to invest too much, but the income is considerable.

Most indoor children’s amusement parks require children to wear special socks or socks that meet the regulations to enter the park, and there are sales offices for souvenirs such as plush toys in the changing area and waiting area of ​​the amusement park. Revenues from the sale of socks and souvenirs are also part of the profits of indoor children’s amusement parks.

Diversified Profitsfor kids indoor play equipment

If an indoor playground needs to achieve high-profit returns, it cannot rely solely on the services of children’s parks. The strength and ability of a relatively unilateral are limited. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to use the mind to develop and mobilize related industries and products related to children’s peripherals. .

According to the state of children playing in the children’s park, children’s photography can be set up to leave precious commemorative photos for children. According to the theme characteristics of children’s parks, children’s parks under diversified development will be more popular with parents and children.

Profit from promotional activitiesfor kids indoor play equipment

Promotional activities can be said to be a means to fully ensure the popularity of the park. Carrying out corresponding promotional themed activities from time to time can not only activate the potential of the park again, but also attract new customers.

Promotional activities can be linked with holidays and rest days, and corresponding themed activities can be carried out for specific themes. Introduce and publicize relevant thematic activities.

Profits from Cooperative Promotion

Win-win cooperation is a means used in the development of many industries, and the same is true for the development of children’s playgrounds.

Cooperate with surrounding store products, separate a certain area of ​​​​regional locations to cooperate with one or more associates, or jointly hold activities with surrounding associates to attract more customers, increase additional income, facilitate long-term operation, and achieve win-win situation.

Take cooperation with children’s product suppliers for example, you can set up a special display area in the store to sell some high-profit children’s products, such as books, children’s tableware, toys, etc. The reason why I choose high-yield products is that because of the large profit margin, I can make profits while ensuring low-cost sales to attract customers.

Cooperate with other non-similar children’s industries such as early childhood education institutions

In the children’s paradise, there are many other incomes, and their added value has a lot of room for improvement. Many children’s playgrounds also have some activities such as photo commemorations, parent-child activities, etc., and the prices are not cheap. More and more indoor children’s amusement parks have cooperated with some early childhood education institutions to open parent-child training courses, children’s professional experience courses, etc.

If you are interested in the children’s playground industry, you can communicate with the designer of Leqi indoor amusement equipment through the website contact information and exchange your ideas. The one-stop supply of amusement equipment and perfect follow-up services can save you from various This kind of trouble makes the road of entrepreneurship reach success faster!

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