620m² Children Commercial Indoor playground equipment

Wanda Baby King is the leading chain of children's indoor playgrounds in China, with more than 500 chain stores across the country. Relying on Wanda Group, Baby King Paradise uses children's indoor playgrounds as a development platform to serve tens of millions of parent-child families across the country. Based in Wanda Plaza, it covers tier 1-4 cities across the country, with an average store area of 1,500+ square meters. The main business formats are amusement equipment, themed activities, and experiential retail. As a long-term partner of Wanda Baby King, the Luckyplay designer team needs to meet both children's needs and commercial needs, which has relatively high requirements for the professional quality of the design team.

Basic information of the venue
Total area: 650sqm
Site design area: 620sqm
Field height: 3.5m
Customer Site Requirements
According to the height of the site, design physical fitness items and slides of various heights to meet the needs of groups of differentages.Combined with the IP image of Wanda Baby King, design a variety of themed houses that simulate play.Design service desk area, shoe changing area, stage area, etc.
Overall design ideas
Through the overall design idea of "play-physical fitness", "play-learning", "education-parent-child interaction", we will create a one-stop high-end themed parent-child park.


Additional information

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