The $1 billion new wonder of the world “Great Egyptian Museum” is finally opening

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The Great Egyptian Museum, which took 20 years and cost about US $1 billion, has recently opened for trial operation. According to the official website, this new landmark in Egypt is expected to be unveiled in 2023.


The new museum covers an area of about 500,000 square meters, with an exhibition area of about 45,000 square meters and 12 exhibition halls. Among the 100,000 cultural relics, there are 5,000 mysterious treasures of Tutankhamun. The huge atrium of the exhibition hall can even accommodate a Boeing 747 airliner.


The project of Egypt’s Grand Museum is nearing the end. As the largest single civilization museum in the world, it will display nearly 100,000 ancient Egyptian cultural relics.


The whole museum complex includes a permanent exhibition hall with an area of 24,000 square meters, a cultural relics protection center, a children’s museum, an education exhibition area, a conference area and a landscape garden.


The Grand Egyptian Museum will house the world’s richest collection of antiquities: up to 100,000 items, covering ancient and classical civilizations throughout the Nile Valley. Its sense of mystery, sense of history and archaeological value are self-evident.


This is a signature project of the Egyptian government, a huge project that started 20 years ago. The international competition launched by Heneghan Peng Architects in 2002 has won again, and the whole process has always faced the difficulties brought about by the turmoil in the country and the financial aspects of the project.


After the opening of the museum next year, it is expected to welcome at least 2 million to 3 million tourists in the first year, and it is expected to increase to 8 million visitors in 2024. This will inject strong vitality into Egypt’s tourism industry, and the museum is also fully prepared for the reception work.

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