What are the needs of children that indoor playgrounds can meet?

The indoor playground is favored by more and more parents because of the entertainment environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer and rich in entertainment projects. More and more parents are willing to let their children play in the indoor playground, where children not only play Happily, exercise various abilities, and can also meet the various needs of children. Let’s find out in detail.

The items in indoor playgrounds are mostly naughty castle children’s playgrounds and trampoline parks.

Naughty Castle, also known as indoor playground, is a multi-functional and comprehensive new generation of children’s activity center, aiming at children’s natural like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, shaking, etc., through scientific three-dimensional combination It forms a real children’s playground that integrates the functions of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and so on.

Naughty Castle indoor playground is designed according to the characteristics of children. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, education and fitness is formed, which places children in a thrilling, safe and secure amusement.

The indoor playground facility is good for children to give full play to their vitality and imagination. While having fun, their bodies get aerobic endurance exercise; it is good for satisfying children’s psychological requirements such as being aggressive, unwilling to lag behind, and having the courage to explore, making children healthier Grow up happily and intelligently; at the same time, it is conducive to cultivating children’s brave, tenacious and tenacious personalities, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and strengthening the brain and intelligence.

The physical and mental development of children by different amusement equipment in the naughty castle as below:

EPP building blocks in indoor playground: It is a parent-child interactive play facility with high safety. Parents can accompany their children to use the scattered building blocks around to make objects of various shapes. While increasing the parent-child relationship, it can also open up children’s intelligence, cultivate children’s concentration, and exert their imagination.

Interactive projection in indoor playground: This multimedia interactive project makes children’s play more interesting. The new interactive game experience fully satisfies children’s curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Beach treasure hunt in indoor playground: Psychologists believe that playing with sand is not only a game, but more importantly, it is of great benefit to the growth of children. Sand is both solid and fluid. It is fickle and easy to master. Its endless forms and endless ways to play essentially satisfy children’s inner needs for creation.

Children’s Vocational Experience Hall in indoor playground: The Children’s Vocational Experience Hall is a place where children learn about and get in touch with the real world by simulating and experiencing the occupations and roles of adults. Children can work hard in the Children’s Vocational Experience Hall, experience the practical significance of earning money from work and spending money, and can also experience all aspects of real life.

Trampoline in indoor playground: Exercise his leg muscles, improve body coordination, and release the child’s nature.

Drilling in indoor playground: It mainly allows children to have a comprehensive physical exercise and develop their body movements.

Crazy Cannon Array in indoor playground: Exercise physical fitness and stimulate children’s active spirit and courage to overcome difficulties.

Ocean Ball Pool in indoor playground: You can learn colors, points, grouping, counting, throwing, slapping, cleaning, discipline, habits, etc.

Slide in indoor playground: Children’s limbs and body coordination are continuously and completely exercised on the slide.​

Single-plank bridge in indoor playground: Build body balance, improve body coordination, and exercise children’s guts.

Swing bridge in indoor playground: build body balance, improve body coordination. Exercise children’s courage.​

Air Gliding in indoor playground: Exercise physical fitness and inspire children’s courage to overcome difficulties.

Massage Ball in indoor playground: Tests children’s vestibular balance and sense of gravity.

Shake music in indoor playground: Comprehensive adjustment of inherent feeling and vision.

Coconut Tree in indoor playground: Children climb and sit in a safe parallel rotation through the coordinated and stable cooperation of the upper and lower limbs, forming a new balance experience and promoting the improvement of sensory integration ability.

Waterbed in indoor playground: Children perceive the smoothness, softness and instability of the waterbed, face challenges in a natural state, and accumulate autonomous experience of controlling and moving their bodies.

Time and space shuttle in indoor playground: Through vertical rotation, children improve the development and maturity of the nervous system, and in the challenge of rotating games, accumulate experience, develop self-confidence and adaptability.

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