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Inflatable Castle; Perfect For Children Gathering!

Without question, attending or hosting a party gives joy. Especially if you are celebrating a loved one’s birthday. Children are overjoyed and delighted when their

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How to properly maintain kids indoor play equipment?

Indoor playground is a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, intelligence, fitness and other functions is formed through scientific three-dimensional combination. It

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Why Should We Go To Amusement Park?

Do you want to enjoy quality time with your friends or family? If yes, you should go to an amusement park instead of going to

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How to effectively profit from indoor playground?

Children’s amusement economy, where there are children, there is demand. Due to the change of parents’ consumption concept, a larger children’s entertainment consumption market has

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Leqi; Trusted Supplier Of Inflatable Products

Inflatable castles are widely used for entertainment purposes at different places like playlands, kindergarten schools, airports, entertainment zones, children’s hospitals, playgrounds, etc. The bouncy objects

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Why indoor playgrounds are popular with children

Indoor playgrounds provide children with opportunities to develop creative, social and motor skills through engaging and autonomous play. Problem solving and creativity are also encouraged


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