How to reasonably divide the 200-square-meter indoor playground?

Naughty Castle is a new type of indoor amusement park with reasonable planning and suitable for children of all ages to play. It can not only improve children’s physical fitness, but also exercise their psychological and communication skills. According to reasonable business logic, the naughty castle of 200 square meters can be divided into the following areas.

Recreational viewing area of indoor playground

This area is mainly for parents to watch children play.This area can account for 15% of the total area of the children’s playground. It is convenient for parents to see children playing in each area, and they can see the children playing from all angles. There are built-in tables. The stool can be used for leisure and entertainment or reading books to rest. Some people think that this area is unnecessary, in fact, this area is very needed. Generally speaking, children come to play for at least an hour. During this process, parents hope that there is a place to rest. This area can improve the user experience. Only when the user experience is good can get the second consumption.

Play Area of indoor playground

This area can account for 30% of the total area of the children’s playground.It is a children’s game center, integrating entertainment, sports, intelligence, fitness and other functions, with the characteristics of interaction and safety. The usual play area is formed separately, surrounded by safety nets and the main frame; there are dozens of items that can exercise children’s physical strength, coordination and intelligence, such as drilling holes, single-plank bridges, etc. Here children can play some small of various competitions. It is beneficial for children to give full play to their vitality and imagination. While having fun, the body can get aerobic endurance exercise. It is beneficial to meet the psychological requirements of children, such as being aggressive, unwilling to lag behind, and having the courage to explore, so that children can be healthier, happier and smarter. growing up.

Children’s development area

This area can account for 30% of the total area of the children’s playground.Children’s development training is designed according to the characteristics of children, through a scientific three-dimensional combination to form a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, intellectual development and fitness. Meet children’s various needs of drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, and shaking. According to the characteristics of children, this type of extended training is mostly composed of climbing projects. By setting and building levels of various difficulties in the vertical space, children can experience high-altitude climbing and feel the stimulation of crossing obstacles. Hone your child’s will and challenge yourself.

Parent-child interaction area of indoor playground

This area can account for 15% of the total area of the children’s playground.This area is mainly a comprehensive intellectual development area. There are various classic toys such as sand pools, beach toys, puzzles, building blocks, etc. in the area. Children can enjoy these things to their heart’s content and interact with parents to promote the interaction between children and parents. Parent-child communication.

Trampoline play area of indoor playground

This area can account for 5% of the total area of the children’s playground.Trampoline can exercise people’s whole body movement ability and sense of balance, and trampoline can promote bone development, enhance children’s movement ability and balance and coordination ability, promote whole body blood circulation, improve immunity, exercise leg muscles, cerebellar balance system and brain nervous system development .

Service area of indoor playground

This area can account for 5% of the total area of the children’s playground.The service space provides every parent with good services, provides various supports, and improves the viscosity and customer satisfaction of the indoor children’s amusement park.

Different areas have different functions. The combination of various amusement items can not only cultivate children’s interest, exercise children’s bodies, but also achieve the effect of developing intelligence, which is of positive significance for children’s growth.

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