IAAPA Expo Asia 2023: Innovations, Awarding, and Knowledge Sharing.

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IAAPA Expo Asia

IAAPA Expo Asia 2023, held in Singapore, was a resounding success, showcasing the latest innovations and developments in the attraction industry. The event drew a significant number of exhibitors and attendees from around the world. One of the highlights of the expo was the Brass Ring Best Exhibit Awards, which recognized the outstanding exhibits, That captivated visitors with their creativity and presentation.

Brass Ring Best Exhibit Awards: Recognizing the Best Exhibits at IAAPA Expo Asia 2023

9-27 square meters, First Place, Mascot Enterprise Pte Ltd, Booth L2028
9-27 square meters, Second Place, Shiji Group, Booth L306
36-54 square meters, First Place, FULL DOME PRO. Co., LTd., Booth L512
36-54 square meters, Second Place, DEI, Booth L329
63 square meters and larger, First Place, WhiteWater, Booth L1535
63 square meters and larger, Second Place, DOF Robotics, Booth L1513

IAAPA Expo Asia

LuckyPlay: Making a Mark at IAAPA Expo Asia 2023

LuckyPlay, a prominent participant in the attraction industry, actively took part in IAAPA Expo Asia 2023. Their booth attracted considerable interest from visitors, as they showcased their latest advancements in entertainment technology.

The IAAPA expo featured a range of educational sessions, Which proved invaluable for attendees. These sessions provided insights into recent technological advancements and industry trends, equipping participants with the knowledge to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving attraction industry.

IAAPA Expo Asia 2023

IAAPA Expo Asia 2023 was a remarkable event, That celebrated innovation, and excellence in the attraction industry. The Brass Ring Best Exhibit Awards recognized exceptional exhibitors, and Luckyplay’s participation demonstrated their commitment to driving advancements in the industry. The educational sessions ensured that attendees remained well-informed about the latest technologies and trends, further enhancing the expo’s Success.

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